Recently, before starting Twilight Princess HD, I laid out some expectations for what I thought I would feel about certain aspects of the experience. I’m now about halfway through the game (just arrived in the Gerudo Desert), and I feel I have seen enough of the game to comment on whether I was right or wrong on the various points.

  • Though I wouldn’t say I’m thrilled, I am indeed enjoying the experience. It’s absolutely gorgeous in HD.
  • I’m not thoroughly confused by the mirroring of the game world. That’s due to a combination of 1) me being able to mirror parts of the world and local gamespaces in my mind, 2) me not remembering the lefts and rights as thorougly as I thought, and 3) the mirroring not really mattering that much anyway – after all, the game is fully playable for newcomers with no previous experience with the game world.
  • Hunting Poes is still just as annoying. I had been misinformed regarding the Ghost Lantern – it doesn’t make Poes appear during the day, it just lights up if there are Poes nearby. I still have to wait for night, which means quite a bit of killing time during the day (at least when first getting the Master Sword, at which point you can immediately get almost 30 Poes before advancing the main storyline).
  • I’m continually updating my Twilight Princess optimal equipment guide. Mostly it’s just slight edits to descriptions and ordering, but I’ve also added the Ghost Lantern (which, as I guessed correctly, you get from Jovani after 20 Poe Souls).
  • I’m not THAT annoyed by the Miiverse stamps. The experience would be better without them, to be sure, and they’re especially annoying when I open a chest I know contains 100 rupees only to get a pointless stamp, but mostly I’m just scowling for two seconds before doing an annoyed “whatever” and playing on.
  • My 42″ TV is indeed way too small. The experience truly is much more immersive when sitting 1–2m away on a chair instead of 4m away in the sofa. I do miss the sofa, though. Also, I’m rather far away from the “sweet spot” of the surround speakers. And if there ever was a definition of First World problems, that was it.
  • I don’t notice much in the way of lacking audio quality, just as I predicted.
  • Midna ♥

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